Top Ten Reasons to Choose CPHT

Practical, complete training, full NCFE accreditation, nationwide presence, payment options… there are many reasons to choose CPHT as the best hypnotherapy training centre. Here are our top ten.

1We produce practitioners who are ‘Fit for Purpose’

CPHT is probably the most practical course in the country. We encourage our students to start practising from the first two days of the course onwards. Our students are expected to go into successful practice beit part-time or full-time.

The very high standard of training ensures that CPHT graduates are able to help people in the clinical and medical areas of depression and anxiety.

Here is what one of our graduates, has to say about her training:

“Being encouraged to start practising at the earliest opportunity seemed a bit daunting at first, but it was the best thing that could have happened to me. Practice gave me confidence in the success of the techniques I was taught and the confidence to start charging as a student after 7 months of training. By the end of the course, I had already earned my course fees back and within 12 months of qualifying I’m running a successful practice, working as many hours as I want and earning more money than I was before I embarked on my new life as a Clinical Hypnotherapist.”

Emma Triplett DHP, HPD, LAPHP, GQHP, MNCH(Reg)

2Our lecturers are highly qualified, good teachers but most of all successful, experienced hypnotherapists

David Newton is probably the most successful and experienced clinical practitioner in the country. He is proud of having the experience of 30,000 clinical hours. He is recognised as being a gifted teacher and is supported by a host of exceptionally talented and successful practitioners including Matthew Dyson, Susan Rodrigues, Matthew Cahill,  Claire Brigg and many more.

3Our training is ‘complete’

CPHT is recognised as the most ‘up to date’ course. We take a great deal of notice of research and neuroscience in combination with the very best of Solution Focused techniques, Brain based Therapy, CBT and NLP along with common sense and experience. We also have our own Research Programme running to gather evidence of client outcomes.

We also have our own Research Programme (CORP = CPHT Outcomes & Research Programme) running to gather evidence of client outcomes. Students will be taking an active part in the programme from their sixth month in training onwards.

4We are accredited on the National Qualification Framework

Upon completion of the HPD, successful candidates will be awarded a certificate of achievement by NCFE. The HPD has been accredited by the NCFE as having measurable learning outcomes that have been benchmarked at Level 4 (using Ofqual’s Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) level descriptors).

The NCFE is recognised as an Awarding Organisation by the qualification regulators for England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

NCFE accreditation gives formal recognition to our courses which result in the ‘award’ of a certificate of achievement. This award does not qualify you for a nationally recognised qualification.

nchThe NCH has been approved as an NCFE centre and the HPD has been accredited by the NCFE.  NCFE accreditation gives assurance that the content of a training course is of a high standard and meets the rigorous requirements of a national awarding organisation.

5Our support mechanism both during training and subsequently is second to none

Support during training is considerable and considered very important. Students have on-going access and interactions with all the CPHT Team. Once in practice graduates will be expected to remain in formal supervision for the first three/five years of their practice (dependant on which Professional Association they are a member of). This may be in either a group situation or individually, and is invariably considered by ex-students to be both enjoyable and supportive. To support our graduates we have a number of CPHT trained and externally accredited supervisors.

There is an on-going Continuous Professional Development Programme (CPD) in place at CPHT.

6The Clifton Practice is the leading hypnotherapy clinic in the country

At this moment in time we have 12 hypnotherapists with practices working out of The Clifton Practice. We have been established since 1995. When it comes to hypnotherapy we have kept up-to-date and work using proven, modern techniques.


7We understand there is no point in being the “best hypnotherapist in the world” if you don’t have clients

ttr7From the very outset of the course we emphasise and help with presentation and marketing. We expect our students to have their practice well and truly up and running by the latter stages of training.
afsfhAfter graduation practitioners are supported by The Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (AfSFH) whose charter is to promote Solution Focused trained graduates and Solution Focused Hypnotherapy in particular.

8There is a choice of training venues and payment options

  • CPHT has multiple training centres in the UK and abroad. Every effort has been made to ensure that locations are suitable for hypnotherapy training.
  • Fees can be paid in monthly instalments.

9The course is ‘life changing’ in more ways than one

While our priority at CPHT is to enable people to go into successful practice it is inevitable that much of the training, positivity and knowledge permeate into everyday life. Comments like: “I now have so much more confidence”, “I feel so much better about myself”, “I am so much more in control”, “I am so much happier” are not only not unusual but generally the norm.

10The HPD Course in enjoyable!

People attending our courses laugh a lot, but that is as it should be, enjoyable as well as effective. Sessions in the consulting room should be the highlight of the week. We expect our training days to be the highlight of the month. And, from what we hear they are. “Thank you for a brilliant and entertaining course”. DR. October 2012